Do you dry brush? I try to do it a few times per week, before I shower. It’s a quick little ritual that makes me & my skin look & feel better!

People often recommend a boar’s hair brush, but I like the @sajewellness coconut dry brush; the fibers don’t fall out as easily, the price point is good, and it doesn’t involve animals.

After I shower, I slather on @birdbathbodytreats Body Mousse. Its first ingredient is avocado butter – and it’s thicc.

Some of the benefits of dry brushing: * Smoothes skin – dry brushing sheds dry skin so that new skin is exposed, making your skin smoother, and able to absorb moisturizer easier * Can reduce the appearance of cellulite * Unblocks skin and reduces ingrown hairs – when hairs don’t have to fight through dry, old skin, they can grow out, reducing annoying spots and itching * Improves circulation & lymphatic drainage * Reduces inflammation * Improves digestion


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